Driving Test Program

The driving course became obligatory on January 17th, 2010.

What you need to know:

The new road safety program comprises a total of 39 hours of driving instruction divided into 24 hours of classroom instruction and 15 sessions of practical instruction.

The five (5) main principals behind the program are:

  • Alternating between theory and practical instruction
  • Independent driving
  • Ecodriving
  • The OEA strategy
  • Information on at-risk behaviours

How to proceed:

  1. You must register at the driving school of your choice and pay the initial down payment.
  2. Once registered, you must attend the first 5 modules of theoretical instruction and pass the theory exam given in the 5th module. The allotted time for this first phase is one (1) month. Should you not pass the theory exam, a retest is possible within a time frame set by the school (but not the same day).
  3. Upon passing the theory exam, the school will emit an “ATTESTATION” confirming that you have met the requirements to obtain your learner’s permit.
  4. You can then go to any SAAQ service center (not a mandated licence bureau) and obtain your learner’s permit (no exam required).

    N.B. You must have with you the following documents:
    • Your passport or Quebec Civil Office birth certificate and your medicare card
    • Parental consent (for those under the age of 18)
    • The SAAQ does supply the parental consent form.
  5. After receiving your learner’s permit, you proceed to the next phases of the program (14 in-class sessions and 15 in-car sessions) within the preset time frames permitted by the program over a 12 month period.
    It is important to note that after having completed all theory modules of the program and having held a valid learner’s permit for 10 months, you will be eligible to take the required theory test at the SAAQ.
  6. The theory exam at the SAAQ will cover information from all 12 theory modules. Passing the exam will enable you to plan your driving exam which you will be eligible to do two (2) months later.
    To be eligible for the final driving exam at the SAAQ, you must have successfully completed the theoretical aspect of the course as well as the practical part. If that is such, you will receive another “ATTESTATION” which must be brought along with your learner’s permit and picture identification card the day of your driving exam.

The completion of the course will take at least 13 months after which the SAAQ driving test can be taken (appointment needed).

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